Experience Nature at its most Majestic with a Canadian Rockies Tour

Its time to get away. Life in the cubicle just isn’t cutting it, is it? No, you need space, adventure, air, real air, fresh, rarefied, crisp sweet air filling your lungs with the endless blue of the sky. A Canadian Rockies tour will help you breathe that blue. Oh, and the scenery ain’t bad either. Rich farmlands, scenic forests and sparkling lakes, hot springs, and some of the most beautiful cities of Western Canada all laid out at your feet from the peaks of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It’s time to take a tour and experience the wonder and boundless freedom of the North Country.

So how do you set up your Canadian Rockies tour? What do you want to see? What should you see? How should you best see it? First, a quick introduction to the Canadian Rockies: These mountains Tower over the plains of Alberta and British Columbia. This is a land still wild and unspoiled, still home to abundant wildlife, a land of majestic snowy peaks, glittering glacial lakes, thundering waterfalls and cyclopean trees.

The Rocky Mountains themselves offer an extensive variety of year round activities including rock climbing and heli-hiking in the summer and of course the skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports that the region is so famous for. Every type of hiking from short and easy to long overnight challenges is available. Horseback riding and virtually every conceivable land sport are present. With the variety and prevalence of lakes and rivers every type of inland water sport can also be enjoyed – white-water rafting, fly-fishing, golf and incredible kayaking to name but a few. Overall there are so many activities available in the Canadian Rockies that it would not be possible to name them all here.

One of the most frustrating things about planning a tour like this is how to get to everything. The answer is very simple: you don’t. Your vacation is after all, a vacation, and should be tailored to your tastes, with no pressure to get everything done. There are considerable resources available to aid in planning your perfect Canadian Rockies Tour, and the only mistake you can truly make is to not avail yourself of these services, which can help you plan the perfect vacation, allowing you to experience a bit of everything, focusing on your interests and needs, but never making you feel rushed or sad that you missed out on anything.

Also, you will need to research the more practical aspects of your tour, namely travel accommodations (many tour packages do not include air fare so keep this in mind when preparing your budget), hotel reservations, the length of the tour, etc. In addition, you will want to figure out what kind of a tour you are interested in. A couples’ tour can be a very different endeavor than a family tour, where a group tour with strangers is different from a group tour with friends. A Canadian Rockies Tour arranged by a tour planning company offers the perfect solution; they have the expertise to arrange a truly exceptional tour that will take in the very best an area has to offer, and yet they offer total independence and freedom for the individual, couple, family, or small group.

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